The plastic materials

For the production of the thermoformed monodoses, UNIFILL machines can handle a wide range of laminated and/or co-extruded plastic packaging materials such as PVC/PE, PET/PE, PS/PE, PA/PE, PP/PE, etc with a thickness range between 150 and 600 microns.

Special barrier materials such as EVOH, PVDC, BAREX, etc can also be used to improve barrier properties and to better preserve products characteristics.

Special retort materials such as PP/PA/PP or PP/EVOH/PP, can also be handled for post-sterilization.

In order to get high quality monodoses, UNIFILL is glad to offer the possibility to make compatibility tests to be sure that the containers, once thermoformed, filled and sealed, are suitable and compatible with the filled products getting always more and more from the machines and the plastic materials used.