The Organization

UNIFILL today employs some 35 people and operates out of its headquarters located in Bomporto, Modena where the contract packing division is also located.

All inquiries and contacts for unit dose projects, are received and handled by the Commercial Department as well as through the world wide network of Agents, Distributors and Representatives spread all over the world.

Both our Commercial Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and your local UNIFILL agent, can be contacted at any time to get detailed information regarding your Monodose project.

UNIFILL is able to offer to its customers a range of complete shapes and cutting devices and, if the customer requires a customized shape, our Technical and R&D departments are at complete disposal to give their support and to help the customer in the choice of the ideal shape.

The contract packing division is equipped with a capable Quality Office to ensure the conformity of the final product and the respect of the current legal environment standards.