Personal Care


The UNIFILL monodose technology is particularly attractive for the body-care industry as it allows to produce small unit doses that perfectly mimic the shape of the original primary bottles and/or containers. This feature is extremely interesting for the production of promotional unit doses samples that are used for the launch of new cosmetic and healthcare products.

Contrarily to conventional horizontal systems, the UNIFILL vertical technology allows the thermoforming of both sides of the unit dose container and also gives the possibility of filling the unit dose at 100% of its volume capacity. The system is ideal for all products such as shampoos, bath foams, gels, lotions, hair conditioners, colorants, perfumes, creams.

In consideration of the above, the UNIFILL monodose concept is extremely attractive for contract-packers dealing with hotel chains and airlines.

Very interesting is the application that allows to hot fill and pack synthetic toilette soap into "peel-off oysters packs". Once filled, this product gradually solidifies at ambient temperature inside the finals shaped pack, thus eliminating the conventional molding-cooling-packing cycle.