Food & Beverages


Following the great success of processed cheese single portion pack lines, UNIFILL has constantly developed new food unit dose applications and the technology is nowadays applied to a wide range of food products such as:

- Liquid or semi-dense products such as Drink yoghurt, Fromage frais, Creamy desserts, Sauces, Concentrated drinks, Chocolate cream, Spirits, Wine, etc that are filled into squeezable single serve packs.

- Products that are filled as liquids and later solidify, such as Processed cheese, Butter, Jams, Jelly, Hard chocolate, etc., that are packed into peelable single serve "oyster packs".

Options such as Stick Applicators or Cap Applicators (for multi-use packs).

Besides these main applications, a great variety of other food products such as spread paté, olive oil, vinegar, ketch-up, mustard, fruit purees, ethnic sauces, etc., can be packed in UNIFILL unit doses, thus making the system extremely attractive also for catering industries and food contract-packers.


While the main technical advantage of the Unifill unit dose technology certainly lies in its high flexibility, the possibility of giving a product a 3 dimensional shape with a nice and attractive printing certainly represents a unique advantage from a Marketing point of view.

The tooling can be replaced quickly and so can the final shape of the product, thus offering the customer the possibility to easily launch new monodose products as well as re-styling existing products by presenting them in always new shapes and colours.

Furthermore, the fact that you can easily vary the shape and the image also gives you the possibility to sell your single serve products into collectable series that are an extremely powerful tool, especially for what concerns children products.