UNIFILL monodose technology is particularly suitable for the packing of OTC liquid and semi-dense products such as medical syrups, energetic drinks, mouth washers, ointments, pain-relief creams, tooth-pastes, etc. 

Besides avoiding product waste and accurate dosage, the use of drinkable medicines into disposable plastic unit doses - that can have an ampoule / vial shape as well as any other desired shape - also offers a great economical and practical advantages in respect to glass containers which are delicate and difficult to handle and carry.

The increasing consumption of healthy and on-the-go single serve products such as energy drinks, herbal tisanes, vitamins, etc., is greatly contributing to the success of the UNIFILL monodose technology in the para-pharmaceutical and the healthcare industry.
Special pharma-grade plastic retort materials allow post-sterilisation in autoclave while Gamma rays allowing post-sterilisation, also add significant value to the unit dose technology for the Pharmaceutical industry.


While all UNIFILL monodose  and suppository machines are manufactured with the highest care and in compliance with the most recent GMP regulations, a special ULTRA-CLEAN PACKAGE is also available to make our monodose machines ideal even for those applications that require the highest levels of hygiene.

The U-C package includes the thermoforming with sterile forming, magnetic dosing systems, laminar flow units with HEPA filter, inert gas flushing, 316L recovery trays, special guardings, etc.


The RESNOVA Suppository Machines - representing UNIFILL ultra modern interpretation of suppositories packing - have been designed by the biggest world experts on the basis of the inputs and suggestions gathered form the market in over 30 years.

Fully complying with the latest GMP regulations, the RESNOVA Suppository Machines combine the most advanced manufacturing technologies with technical solutions that are absolutely innovative to the suppositories market.

Easy and quick size changeover operations (only 2 hours to switch from PVC/PE to ALU/PE and vice versa), balcony-type construction for immediate tooling access, lowest material waste, in-production reel replacement and many other features make this machine a real dream come true for suppositories producers.

The RESNOVA Suppository Machine is available in two versions: RESNOVA 15 for outputs between 10,000 and 24,000 suppositories per hour (available in different configurations) and RESNOVA 35, capable of reaching up to 35,000 suppositories per hour.