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An Award Winning Technology

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The intensive Research & Development program as well as its endless commitment to bring innovations to the monodose packaging industry are widely recognized and the evidence of such highly innovative technology is visible also in the contract packing division.

Thanks to the multi-awarded technology utilized by UNIFILL in the contract packing division, the machines are able to supply high quality monodoses made with the most innovative plastic material developed together with the majors worldwide film suppliers.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 01:00

The "Monodose Experience Package"

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Thanks to its constant commitment to customers and to the specific skills acquired over the decades through the contract packing division and all the innovative projects that UNIFILL developed as machinery manufacturer, UNIFILL now has a unique "EXPERIENCE PACKAGE" available to all customers.

This means that, becoming a UNIFILL customer, not only you will have a reliable partner within the packaging field but you will also have at your fully disposal a team of experts who will give you their support and offer you their consulting in order to be more competitive on a market demanding always more and more features. 

This is what we have called the "Experience Package", a basketful of information, hints, contacts, tests and advices that only UNIFILL customers has access to; a unique package that, among the other services, also includes a direct technical assistance on the selection of the plastic material,  free tests at our premises, assistance in the choice of the shapes, all completed with a detailed and relevant technical report carried out at our premises by our specialized personnel.

UNIFILL has the know-how and the experience it takes to make a monodose project smooth and easy as possible starting from the take-off phase. 

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The Organization

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UNIFILL today employs some 35 people and operates out of its headquarters located in Bomporto, Modena where the contract packing division is also located.

All inquiries and contacts for unit dose projects, are received and handled by the Commercial Department as well as through the world wide network of Agents, Distributors and Representatives spread all over the world.

Both our Commercial Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and your local UNIFILL agent, can be contacted at any time to get detailed information regarding your Monodose project.

UNIFILL is able to offer to its customers a range of complete shapes and cutting devices and, if the customer requires a customized shape, our Technical and R&D departments are at complete disposal to give their support and to help the customer in the choice of the ideal shape.

The contract packing division is equipped with a capable Quality Office to ensure the conformity of the final product and the respect of the current legal environment standards.

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Some Background

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UNIFILL - leading monodose technology, was established in 1979 as a contract packing company for the production of plastic monodoses; UNIFILL started in 1981 as a machine manufacturer of vertical Thermoform Fill & Seal machines for pharmaceutical and cosmetic unit doses, while the first machine for a food plastic unit-doses was launched in 1986.
Nowadays UNIFILL is widely recognized as the world leader in the manufacturing of Vertical Thermoform Fill & Seal machines for plastic units.

UNIFILL machines models that have undoubtedly made the history of plastic unit doses both in Italy and all over the world, among them the TR86 (more than 200 machines sold from 1985 until 2000), have been gradually replaced, starting from the year 2000, by the new series called “TF”. These new generation models, such as TF-K, TF-01 and TF-02, have expanded not only the application fields, but have also allowed a relevant material saving, a significant increase of the efficiency and the optimization of the whole production cycle.

Thanks to the continuous innovation, the professionalism and over 450 machines installed in 5 continents in more than 150 different applications for unit doses, UNIFILL has built over the past three decades the reputation of the world leader in the unit-dose industry.

After 15 years of foreign ownership, since the beginning of 2012 UNIFILL is proud of being once again a 100% Italian owned Company.

Over the last three decades, more than 150 customers all over the world have launched on the market, either directly or through contract-packers, a variety of unit dose concept products serving the Food, the Pharmaceutical, the Personal Care and the Chemical industry, made on UNIFILL machines.

Among them are also some of the world's renowned multinationals such as Nestlé, Unilever, MD Foods, Bongrain, Kraft, Danone, Bayer, Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi-Aventis, Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee, Johnson Wax, Garnier, L'Oréal and many others.

After many years during which the Company has been solely concentrated on the machines manufacturing activity - and following the many requests coming from the market - the UNIFILL board has approved an investment plan and given the green light for the restart of the contract-packing service.
The new contract-packing division has been set up in a dedicated area of the recently acquired new facilities of Bomporto Industrial Zone (Modena) and it is operative since the beginning of 2015 

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